A World Where Magic Rules and Imagination Runs Wild…

From the fanciful mind of Ezu Feboke comes an epic tale of warring kingdoms and political intrigue. “Ven of Nordia” is the ultimate magical dream of high fantasy fans across continents. 

About The Book

“Ven of Nordia” is a magical story of power, shifting loyalties, epic battles, and political siege. King Ven of Nordia has ruled over his kingdom with an iron fist, keeping his enemies at bay and his brothers under his thumb. But as the neighboring kingdom of Exovia runs out of their generational riches and resources, the formidable Elf King, Rufus, sends an expedition to the unclaimed Premorena Islands between Exovia and Nordia, transforming a fragile peace pact into a violent crescendo.

With his enemy so close to home, King Ven must bring his army into formation and put the Nordian alliances with Soria and other nations to the test. In a world where dragons, giants, and dwarves run wild, how long can a human empire survive?

Will the great warriors of Nordia and beyond answer his call, or will the corrupt court and shifting loyalties bring the downfall of the powerful King Ven?

Author’s Love for Fantasy

Ezu Feboke has grown up reading the marvelous works of George R. R. Martin and J. R. R. Tolkien and is no stranger to fantasy cosplays and fandom culture. He associates some of his key memories with his love for fantasy and has always found magic and other worlds a sanctuary for his thoughts and wild imagination.

Ezu is paying homage to his childhood self and strengthening his bond with magic and fantasy through his stories.

Now, magic and wonder are just a click away!

Why You Should Read the Ven of Nordia

Fan Love

Learn what the readers and fans have to say about the fantastical world of Ezu Feboke.

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