Ezu Feboke

From the fanciful mind of Ezu Feboke comes an epic tale of warring kingdoms and political intrigue. “Ven of Nordia” is the ultimate magical dream of high fantasy fans across continents.

About The Author

Ezu Feboke is a Nigerian fantasy author with a law and strategic business management background. He acquired his Law Degree and Certificate of Call to Bar from the Nigerian Law School, then moved to the United Kingdom to pursue expertise in Strategic Business Management. Ezu has also served as a Regional Contracts Manager in the biggest construction company in West Africa based out of Abuja, Nigeria.

Later in his career, Ezu realized his long-forgotten passion for writing and high fantasy and decided to hone his fanciful imagination into a masterful reality. “Ven of Nordia” is his debut novel and the first in a series of epic tales and adventures Ezu has planned for his audience. Readers can glimpse his childhood enthusiasm in his fantastical narrative and revel in the complexity of his magical worlds without ever fearing monotony from his stories.

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